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Progressive Chinese Medicine

In this nuanced approach to TCM, Dr. Kevin synthesizes many modalities into a unique and progressive healing system, to create healing and vitality. He begins by gaining an overall picture of your health by employing toxicity testing, electrodermal screening, homotoxicology (tinctures, etc. for treatment) and hair analysis. From there, he devises a plan to heal you, amp up your vitality and start turning over healthy cells to unleash the greatest version of yourself to date.

How It Works

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We begin with a thorough consult and deep dive testing. Come prepared to answer many questions and gain a lot of hope.


Personalized Testing

Further testing will include toxicity testing, electrodermal screening, homotoxicology (tinctures, etc. for treatment) and hair analysis.


Results & Plan

Your journey with our clinic will be singular to you. We’ll make use of at-home practices combined with services offered at the clinic.

Meet Your Practitioner

Dr. Kevin Preston

Bringing a new way of healing based on 5000 years of research, Dr. Kevin Preston lives for creating health and vitality in others. Dr. Preston trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine, with a background in science and kinesiology. He continued to branch out by engaging in many different courses, seminars, and philosophies; which range from epigenetics, biological medicine, homeopathy, Classical Chinese medicine, to other teachings from more esoteric lineages and spiritual paths.

Dr. Preston has been in practice for over a decade and owns a wellness clinic in Vernon, BC. His key focus has been on treating chronic conditions, unknown illnesses, mystery syndromes, and optimized performance. He is very passionate about helping people thrive beyond what they thought was possible.

Kevin likes to collaborate with those he works with by creating a safe space for transformation and growth. He sees wellness created through a multifaceted approach that brings together a balance of the mind, body, and spirit. He continues to synthesize many modalities into a unique and progressive healing system, which includes acupuncture, herbal medicine, toxicity profiling, epigenetic re-patterning, teaching, and energy work.

In addition, Dr. Preston facilitates intimate healing retreats that have a focus on removing obstacles in the cellular biology to unlock the hidden potential within our DNA. The retreats and courses he creates often have a beautiful focus on meditation, breath-work, ancient wisdom, and unblocking the energetics of the body bringing about deep healing and release. Dr. Preston’s intention of total immersion into health often creates dynamic shifts forward for those on the path of realizing their full potential.


What Our Clients Have To Say

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Experienced in presenting to groups of all sizes, Dr. Kevin Preston’s passion for vitality shines when he presents. Whether he is speaking on the benefits of TCM, auric fields, gene keys or human design, his fascination for the miracle of the body and its capacity for healing is undeniable and infectious.



The most efficient route to transformation is total immersion. Joining Dr. Kevin Preston for a 1:1 retreat offers exactly that. With an experience curated entirely to your unique circumstance, self, needs, and vision, 1:1 retreats have the potential to offer massive, long lasting shifts. 



Coaching with Dr. Kevin Preston is designed to infuse you with vitality and a clear path forward. Whether you’re a practitioner looking to increase your impact, a human on a unique health journey, or anything in between or beyond, Dr. Kevin has the tools, experience and the natural gift of guidance to help.

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