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1:1 With Dr. Preston

New Patient Visit

We begin with a thorough consult and deep dive testing. Come prepared to answer many questions and gain a lot of hope. Subsequent appointments involve further testing, results and a custom plan, tailored to taking your vitality to new levels.

Dr. Preston’s key focus has been on treating chronic conditions, unknown illnesses, mystery syndromes, and optimized performance. He is very passionate about helping people thrive beyond what they thought was possible.


Acupuncture & TCM

Making use of varying Traditional Chinese Medince practices from diet therapy, exercise therapy, cupping, gua sha, personally curated herbal formulas, and acupuncture, Grant provides our clients with relief from many conditions, using a multifaceted approach and a variety of deeply intuitive diagnostic methods and tools.

Pam Dhillon, RMT, CBP


BodyTalk is a simple, safe and, an effective system of integrative health care. It involves gentle tapping on the head and on the sternum/heart center as well as the client contacting specific energy points, and helps synchronize the body’s natural functions.


Massage Therapy

We take a holistic approach to massage therapy, taking into account that it is capable of treating not only the physical body, but can also support spiritual and emotional well-being. Excellent for addressing muscle pain & stiffness, improving fascial integrity, encouraging lymphatic drainage, and preparing your body for resilience, it will often be recommended as a course of treatment with your wellness plan.

BioCharger Treatments

The BioCharger NG will revitalize your body to perform at peak levels and have you bouncing out of bed.

BioCharger combines pulsed electromagnetic field frequency voltage with photonic light therapy to deliver a treatment like no other. To quote Dr. Preston, “It’s like working with an extension me, put into a really sophisticated, cool machine that is rooted in Nikola Tesla technology.”


Vital Life Plan Consult

60 minutes | $222

This is a 60 min interview to assess what is causing you pain, disease, mental and emotional disrest. We will cover extensively your health history as well as your families, your intentions, budget and who is on your current team.

All of the information compiled within this interview will be used to build a multiple month program with recommendations on practitioners, therapies both in person and online and with Sarah’s extensive network of local and online practitioners and educators.

Subsequent check in interviews are recommended every 3-4 months: 30 mins – $55

Program costs are not included.


Gene Keys Coaching

90 minutes | $222

The Map To Your Soul’s Journey

Sarah has over twenty years of exploration into Metaphysics and Spirituality, and incorporates Soul reading into her facilitation of health as a guide.

Sarah is a Human Design and Certified Genekeys Guide, a system based upon the link between the Chinese “I Ching” 64 hexagrams and the 64 Codons that make up our DNA, in combination with the vedic chakras and the endocrine system, the dimensions of the kabbalah as well as the astrology of your birth.

The Gene Keys take you on your own “Grail Quest” along the Golden Path to show you the key Gene Keys in your own unique hologenetic profile. The journey reveals to you the shadow energies lurking in your unconscious that are waiting to be transmuted and transformed into your most powerful gifts, and ultimately the Siddhis or Divine Essences that are at the core of your soul. This truly is a path to your enlightenment that only you can tread.

Sarah Shepherd

Body & Soul 3-Month Membership

$360 per month | PIF $1000 (save $80)

This three month program is designed to reorient you to your body’s guidance and teach you how to listen to your soul’s purpose in this life. Every month you will be coached online or in person regarding your Activation Sequence, Venus Sequence and Pearl Sequences from your personal hologenetic map.

This healing container addresses the health of the physical body, the emotional healing you have to move through in this life as well as the prosperity you deserve.

This map is based on the time, location and place of your birth and offers very specific information on what you are here to do and be in this life. 90 min coaching sessions are matched with monthly 90 min massage combined with coaching.

Work with Dr. Kevin Preston

Other Ways to Connect



Experienced in presenting to groups of all sizes, Dr. Kevin Preston’s passion for vitality shines when he presents. Whether he is speaking on the benefits of TCM, auric fields, gene keys or human design, his fascination for the miracle of the body and its capacity for healing is undeniable and infectious.



The most efficient route to transformation is total immersion. Joining Dr. Kevin Preston for a 1:1 retreat offers exactly that. With an experience curated entirely to your unique circumstance, self, needs, and vision, 1:1 retreats have the potential to offer massive, long lasting shifts. 



Coaching with Dr. Kevin Preston is designed to infuse you with vitality and a clear path forward. Whether you’re a practitioner looking to increase your impact, a human on a unique health journey, or anything in between or beyond, Dr. Kevin has the tools, experience and the natural gift of guidance to help.

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