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5 Part series (Pre-Recorded)

Embodied Health Mastery ~ Autoimmune Masterclasses


In this 5-part masterclass, we dive into the depths of autoimmunity and shine light on all the places that have kept you in the dark. We cover all the basics then go even deeper in health and healing in empowering ways with specific activations and processes to open up doors for everyone on their journey.

This is a pre-recorded, self-paced course that you will own for life.


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We call these Online Healing Events for a reason! Many have experienced healing on different levels after joining Dr. Kevin online, and we want the same for you. Whether you simply couldn’t make it to a live event, or you’re hearing about these for the first time, we want to give you an opportunity to dive in and try it for yourself.

Finding Your Word of The Year

RECORDED On 12/20/2022

As we move into the season of Winter and toward a new year, this is the perfect time to pause and recalibrate your energy for what’s to come.

You’re invited to join me for this guided experience where I’ll walk you through the process of finding your word for 2023, as well as an activation that will allow you to get grounded for the year ahead.

Don’t worry if you’ve never done any “meditation” before, this will be easy to connect with and follow along. I’m going to guide you through the entire process.

Embodied Health Mastery

RECORDED On 11/08/2022

Get ready to reconnect with yourself and create a new relationship with your body & health.

In this online experience Kevin covers…

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine as a beautiful network of the body and what it can show you about yourself.
  • Biological medicine, toxins, and how they influence us (you might be surprised…)
  • Mental, emotional, and energetic patterns that directly lead to illness and chronic disease
  • Activating a greater capacity inside you for healing and for living a much more fulfilling life

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Meet your host

About Dr. Kevin Preston

Bringing a new way of healing based on 5000 years of research, Dr. Kevin Preston lives for creating health and vitality in others. Dr. Preston trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine, with a background in science and kinesiology. He continued to branch out by engaging in many different courses, seminars, and philosophies; which range from epigenetics, biological medicine, homeopathy, Classical Chinese medicine, to other teachings from more esoteric lineages and spiritual paths.

Dr. Preston has been in practice for over a decade and owns a wellness clinic in Vernon, BC. His key focus has been on treating chronic conditions, unknown illnesses, mystery syndromes, and optimized performance. He is very passionate about helping people thrive beyond what they thought was possible.

Masterclass REPLAY

Finding Your Word Of The Year

Get ready to reconnect with yourself and create a new relationship with your body & health. Many blessings!


Embodied Health Mastery

I am so excited to share this powerful online experience with you. Don’t be surprised if you feel big shifts before, during or after this one! Many more to come in the future. 🙏


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