Pam Dhillon, CBP

Massage Services

Pam Dhillon, CBP

Advanced Massage

With nearly 40,000 hours spent working on the physical body, Pam has more than reached a level of mastery. She has combined her intuitive skills with her extensive massage training to deliver a physical healing experience that will reach your soul!

Pam is former RMT, that graduated from a world renowned 3000 hour training program in 2005, she retired her licence at the end of 2023.

Meet Your Practitioner

Pam Dhillon, CBP

A nurturer by nature, Pam Dhillon has dedicated her life to be a healer. At a young age she recognized her ability to relieve physical and emotional pain through touch, energy and unconditional love. Therefore, it was only natural that the career that Pam chose was one where she could spend her days helping others not only heal, but thrive.

Pam has been a Registered Massage Therapist since 2007, a Certified Yoga Instructor since 2015 and a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner since 2016. She supports these titles by studying various other modalities that range from physical and philosophical to energetic and esoteric.

Pam facilitates her sessions with non-judgement, empathy and warmth. With her ability to tune into the innate wisdom of your body, coupled with her clinical skills, she can provide a quality of healing that will go beyond your expectations. Pam believes in the body’s potential to heal what others may have deemed incurable, chronic or impossible.

Pam also has a passion for working with people who are trying to optimize their lives. She loves to share heart opening practices and finds fulfillment in helping anyone that is keen on discovering their highest potential.