Dr. Kevin Preston, TCM

Treatment Evolution

A Blended Approach

Inspired to bring forward ancient wisdom and techniques through his training in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Dr. Kevin Preston has developed a very thorough and heart-based approach to health by blending in more modern progressive tools and education.

Refining these elements has been a continuous passion leading him to deeper levels of understanding about the origins of illness and disease. This journey has confirmed that the necessary recipe to create optimal health is ever changing and unique to each individual.

Some of the key ingredients are listening and becoming still.

He tends to treat chronic illness, both diagnosed and undiagnosed, along with mystery syndromes and conditions that previously haven’t been met with answers.

Utilizing thorough investigational techniques, intuition, and focus, key information is discovered about the nature of the imbalances, at all levels. This is used to create effective treatment plans, along with identifying the changes needed to transform to something much greater.

Restoring the missing key

Connection In Healing

Connecting with patients at a level that allows openness, authenticity and clean energy flow have been shown to be instrumental in results that last. Some might call that presence, which Kevin believes is an essential tool to be brought back into medicine.

We’re all human, and in that knowing we can begin to share and trust in a bigger picture unfolding in our lives.

When we let go of needing to know everything and soften the mind, stepping into the heart field… the wisdom can begin to show up. Everyone’s story is uniquely special, and as we unravel layers, the patterns that have created illness can be illuminated. Then we can take the appropriate steps to restore the connections that have been lost in the body, mind and spirit.

Dr. Kevin Preston's

Motivation & Experience

Dr. Kevin Preston loves living with vitality and health and enjoys sharing with others how to do the same.

He’s grateful for 15+ years of practice, the interactions with thousands of clients through clinical settings, and the private healing retreats & larger-audience healing events he’s led.

Through his retreats and healing events, Dr. Kevin has witnessed the power of coming together in community to reconnect with one another, and believes that building thriving relationships can lead to further health and wellness.

Living life fully is what we’re here to do, to witness beauty all around us, and realize our capacity to co-create this world.

Dr. Kevin Preston

“There’s so much to be discovered in health and medicine right now, and one of the biggest advantages we have is that there are vast amounts of information stored and hidden within our very own DNA. We only need to remember that we have an infinite built-in capacity to heal, and we can help you do just that.”