Accepting Applications for Cohort #2: Dates TBA

The Vitality Collective

A 12-week intensive online group program with Dr. Kevin Preston that will ignite healing on all levels, unlock your vitality and reacquaint you with your body’s divine intelligence.

Embodied Health Mastery

The Vitality Collective

A 12-week intensive online group program with Dr. Kevin Preston that will ignite healing on all levels, unlock your vitality and reacquaint you with your body’s divine intelligence.

Accepting applications starting Tuesday, January 23rd at 8pm PST!


The Vitality Collective begins February 20, 2024!


Accepting Applications for Future Cohorts!

Embodied Health Mastery: The Vitality Collective

Holistic Group Coaching For New Humans

Many of us are being called to higher service, and are recognizing that the way forward is not going to be found in the way we’ve always done things. The Vitality Collective was developed to help these individuals step into their healthiest selves, so that they can show up with strength, hope, grace and vitality as they lead their families and communities forward.

Led by Dr. Kevin Preston, the Vitality Collective is designed to grant access to the skills, experience and unique approach he’s cultivated in over 15 years in practice. Though delivered in an online group setting, each participant will receive individualized attention to their particular health concerns. Grouped according to specific ailments, participants can expect to further amplify the healing potential by leveraging the power and empathy of each group.

Who Is The Vitality Collective For?

For Those Ready To Embody Health Mastery

This program will challenge you, and it will change you. Dr. Kevin is known for his compassionate guidance, impeccable record and 15+ years of experience, but he credits much of his success to his ability to inspire patients to take full responsibility of their health.

Does this sound like you?

Who We Hope To Serve

We believe you’ll find significant benefits in The Vitality Collective if you:

  • Are suffering from autoimmune symptoms or mystery diseases
  • Have been chasing diagnoses only to have the answers continuously elude you
  • Lack the vitality & clarity you can sense is just out of reach
  • Have a sick child, partner or loved one at home
  • Are tired of feeling like your health is broken

Of course, everyone has their own journey here, and deep healing can require a refreshed mindset and commitment to build a higher frequency within. However, as we uncover the causes of imbalance and begin liberating them through this program, your life will shift.

You’re well suited to this program if you are open to:

  • Addressing key areas of imbalance in your external, and internal environment
  • Embodying leadership in your own health & self-responsibility
  • Making potentially significant life changes & decisions
  • Understanding your body as a miracle of divine intelligence & healing potential
  • Uncovering and changing key patterns that disrupt your health
12 WeEKS TO Regain Your vitality

What You Will Gain By Joining The Vitality Collective

Restoring and maintaining health & vitality are Kevin’s primary drivers in his own life and the lives of his patients. Kevin’s success with his patients comes from teaching them to slow down, tune into the infinite wisdom of their bodies, and by giving them the confidence and tools to address what their bodies reveal.

Personalized Programming

In addition to an intake (to ensure your particular concerns are addressed) and regular Q&A sessions, you’ll also have the option to receive direct guidance from Dr. Kevin Preston via hotseat coaching during the group calls.

Frequency Pharmacy

Included with your purchase, you’ll receive a personal pulsed electromagnetic field handheld device, (PEMF) 3 meridian frequency packs and training on how to use them for yourself and your family. They are yours to keep and can be used again and again.
This is long term staying power.

Clarity & Direction

Expect to become aware of key patterns of imbalance on the mental, emotional and physical levels in a nurturing, compassionate way. Once your blocks are revealed, you’ll be emboldened and empowered in your ability to address them.

Hope & Optimism

Many, especially those suffering with confounding symptoms and dead-end diagnosis have lost hope, and with it the energy they need to dive headfirst into a vibrant future. Expect to regain trust in the divine intelligence of your body, your life, and with it, optimism about what’s possible for you. Bringing back your spark!

Supercharged Vitality

Prepare to feel like your younger, healthier self again, with many people experiencing renewed compliments with feeling & looking younger and more vibrant. We show our external health based on what’s happening internally.

Supportive Community

Some things are too big to be held alone. We can offer so much more support in a group, and by holding the others in the group in a safe, confidential, and protected way. What happens in the group stays in the group.


What We’ll Be Learning About

The syllabus will change with each group to address the needs of the individuals in it, but generally, each cohort will learn the ins and outs of Kevin’s overall approach to healing.


You will leave different a different person than the one who showed up. We'll create lasting change in your system, right down to the cell level.


We'll be covering what it is, why it matters and how to raise it.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Discovering the root cause approach to healing.

Healing modalities

We'll discuss different healing modalities that can detox, heal, & energize.

Toxicology & Homotoxicology

Bio accumulations, how to address, neutralize, and clear. Targeting toxins with homeopathy & frequency.


On and off the plate.

Gene Keys & Human Design

Basic concepts as a means to understand and accept our individual soul blueprints. Sharing of resources and information.

Stuck Emotions

How to detect and clear them - somatic processes.

Regenerative health & life

Building terrain that nourishes you and is nourished by your own self-care.

What’s Included in The Vitality Collective

During your 12 weeks together you can expect huge shifts, and tools you can take with you for life. The average turnover of our red blood cells are 3-4 months, so during your time in the program you’ll be significantly regenerated on a cellular level, infused with the many fruits of this program. 

Everyone who joins the program will have access to the following benefits. Click each one to learn more.

Complete with training on how to use it for yourself and your family. Yours to keep! (These devices are simple to use and last).

3 Meridian Frequency Packs targeted to help YOU specifically. These can be used again in the future and additional meridian protocols can be purchased for further treatment.

Each group will have its own objectives based on your responses, and participants will be mindfully chosen to compliment the group.

Dr. Kevin Preston will be joined by Bronwen Erickson (Registered Acupuncturist) to provide extra support.

Provided by Bronwen, a talented TCM clinician and part of Dr. Kevin’s mentorship program.

Each call is 60-90 minutes, once a week, and will contain a teaching component, 1-2 hotseat coaching sessions and Q&A.

Available for the duration of the program, and 3 months post-completion.

New routines, practices and research to keep you motivated between calls.

A big part of what you’ll experience is detoxification, which can come with symptoms – some anticipated, some not. This sheet will be a reference for what to expect and tide you over to the next call.

You’ll have access to Introduction to Embodied Health Mastery, a self-led course, from the moment you sign up, to 3 months-post completion.

Your Investment

Unlock The Healing Potential Within You

You bring the innate healing power of your body. Let us guide you towards a brighter, empowered future. 
Accepting applications now. Accepted applicants will be contacted with payment details.

Pay In Full

Save $300 when paid upfront.
$ 3300
  • 12 Weekly Group Calls
  • 1 Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Handheld Device
  • Personalized Frequency Pharmacy
  • Personalized Intake
  • Support From 2 Coaches
  • Email Support
  • Call Replays for 3 Months Post Program
  • Curated Resources
  • FAQ Chill Sheet
  • Bonus Course Access for 3 Months Post Program

3-Payment Option

50% deposit, followed by 2 equal payments
$ 3500
  • 12 Weekly Group Calls
  • 1 Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Handheld Device
  • Personalized Frequency Pharmacy
  • Personalized Intake
  • Support From 2 Coaches
  • Email Support
  • Call Replays for 3 Months Post Program
  • Curated Resources
  • FAQ Chill Sheet
  • Bonus Course Access for 3 Months Post Program
Tuesday, January 23, 2024 @ 7pm PST

Learn More About Group Health Coaching With Dr. Kevin Preston

Register to join our free information night with Dr. Kevin Preston as he outlines his Group Coaching container – The Vitality Collective: a 12-week program designed to work closely with 22 individuals who are ready to take their health to the next level.

We’ll cover the main concepts and ideas behind this program, Q & A, an attunement process, and some rapid fire health coaching live on this call.

Bring your questions and we’ll see you there!

A replay will be supplied for anyone who can’t join live.

Watch The Replay

The Vitality Collective Information Night

On Tuesday, January 23rd, Dr. Preston hosted an information eventing to explain the program and answer questions. We had a beautiful group gather and we trust you’ll receive value from this call whether you apply for the program or not.

Say hello to your coaches

Dr. Kevin Preston and Bronwen Erickson

Instead of the traditional bio, we asked our coaches some questions to help you get a better understanding of their background and assets they bring to The Vitality Collective. 

Doctor of TCM

Dr. Kevin Preston

I’ve been studying and learning for over 20yrs everything from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Biological Medicine, and toxicity along with epigenetic pattern recognition.

I don’t have all the answers. No one does. However, I’ve become adept at helping you find the exact things you need within yourself and how to activate the medicine with you to allow for deep transformation. Only you can shift the things you want, we can guide you though and teach you how to walk your unique path in an empowered way.

There is always something that can be shifted, from the big to the small, it all adds up. I don’t heal people, they can heal themselves with the proper reflection and guidance. What you choose to do with that is up to you… and as we hold safe space for heart opening experiences the underlying patterns generally become very illuminated. Once someone is aware of their patterns of illness, they can become aware of the patterns they need for wellness.

Treating thousands of cases of autoimmune conditions, mystery syndromes, and many diagnosed and undiagnosed conditions. Although I feel the most important in health and healing is that people feel seen, and are met in a powerfully honest and loving way. This equation creates consistent breakthroughs.

Registered Acupuncturist

Bronwen Erickson

I’ve been learning and exploring the world of natural health for over 20 years. Studying a wide range of subjects from Herbal medicine, Holistic Nutrition, Medical Astrology, Iridology, and Traditional Chinese medicine.

Having been on my own healing journey over the years, I have explored the depths of my darkness and learned how to find light in those times. Healing is a different path for every person and I strive to bring guidance and light into those dark times that we all experience on the path to finding wholeness through our health.

Knowing the value of holding space and allowing someone to be heard has giving me the opportunity to help many people over the years in finding hope, strength and perseverance in their own healing journeys.

Following my heart and being steadfast in my pursuit to help others find healing.

A's to your q's

Frequently Asked Questions

All calls take place Tuesday’s at 7pm PST, beginning on Tuesday, February 20th, 2024.

50% deposit is due upon booking. Cancelations and refunds will be provided as follows:

  • Cancellation 30+ days in advance of program start: Full refund.
  • Cancellation within 30-days of program start: 50% refund. Deposit is non-refundable. We will send you your Medisend and first meridian frequency pack. They are yours to keep.
  • Cancellation after program start: No refunds.

We understand things can happen that create life shifts, and this program will be designed to help support you through these changes. Meeting resistance and upper limiting can require discipline and the desire to grow, and we’ll often ask what’s holding you back, for some it’s quitting just before the big breakthroughs and that’s what’s keeping people stuck. There will be no refunds once the course begins.

You can watch the recordings to stay with the program and still benefit.

We encourage clients to adopt healthy routines not just during the program but ongoing and will give everyone bite sized routines they can follow and modify as they go for their greatest benefit. Generally healthy practices can range from 10 min/day to 60 min or more.

  • To get the most out of this course you commit to attending each weekly call, or watching the replay within 2 weeks time of recording. It’s important to flow with the group to make progress and get the results you are looking for.
  • The MEDISEND and meridian protocol packs are powerful and subtle at the same time and can take time to recalibrate and transform the cellular nature and functional capacity of the body. It’s not generally measured by day to day, but more week to week and overall in the 12 week process of cellular turnover, a lot can shift step by step.
  • Please be all-in for yourself, you get what you put in.
  • PRIVACY POLICY: Individual patient confidentiality is an absolute must. This is a safe place and everything discussed as well as names, personal information, personal challenges, health history, and breakthroughs are all confidential. We can build an incredible healing process if it’s held properly. By signing up for this course YOU agree to uphold care, kindness, compassion, openness, personal as well as group safety and complete confidentiality. You are welcome to share about your personal experiences, but you are NOT permitted to speak about others information or participation beyond the group unless given written express permission by all involved.
Are you ready?

Let 2024 Be The Year You Go All In On Your Health

If you’re ready to finally get the answers you’ve been seeking, ready to work with someone who KNOWS you can heal, and are ready to do the hard work it takes to heal on the deepest levels – we need you to join us.

Join Embodied Health Mastery: The Vitality Collective today!