About Us

Our Approach & Healing Philosophy

About Us

Our Unique Approach

We’re recognized as a leading, innovative centre of transformational health care. We utilize advanced treatment tools and techniques and masterfully blend this with ancient wisdom and philosophies that have stood the test of time.

Most importantly we listen to your needs, find the root causes of your concerns, and then synthesize complete and customized treatment. 

Everything we do is personalized to you in order to restore your health and vitality. 

Dr. Kevin Preston has developed a progressive take on Traditional Chinese science. TCM has been researched for thousands of years, and today our clinic uses it as the foundational bedrock supporting further discoveries, insights, and breakthroughs. The proper alchemy of the right tools can lead to limitless possibilities with your life.

We’ve chosen our pathways of working together with our patients very intentionally. We prefer to do deep, transformational healing in collaboration with you.

We believe health and wellness is a team sport, and the most effective solutions come through an immersive process.

We also believe you know your body and your life better than anyone, despite what you may have been told. We’ll help bring that inner knowledge and wisdom you already have in your system fully online and alive within you, and remind you how powerful you truly are.

If you’d like to lead an inspired, vitalistic and healthy life then we might be the clinic for you. Everyone has the capacity to be an example of health, but not everyone has been given the right tools, guidance, and support for finding the road to your greatest expression.

That’s what we’re here for. 

If you’re ready to stop holding back please contact us so we can support you with your next steps. When one heals, we all heal.