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I have a message to share:

Your body is infinitely intelligent.

Your body is the most advanced technology on the planet.

It has vast amounts of information stored and hidden within its very own DNA. It doesn’t suddenly forget how to manage itself. It is perpetually healing. Sometimes that healing is uncomfortable. But if we listen to it instead of quieting it, we can gain access to your full vitality. 

Health is a skill that can be learned

Healing is possible for anyone. Period.

But it comes with some hard truths.

From environmental toxins, bacteria and viruses, to a healthcare system focused for decades on symptom relief, to unhealed emotional wounds, our bodies have a lot to deal with.

Symptoms are healing responses, and more often than not they are signs that your body is fighting toxicity, bacteria, viruses and the lifestyles we’ve developed around them in the meantime.

As a society we have been divorced from the body and lost communication with it – viewing it as a problem to be solved instead of its own brilliant solution. Healthy communication can be reestablished and leveraged to gain a level of health you may never have considered possible.

My mission is to invoke the medicine within individuals, to connect them to the full force of their vitality.

My Spin on Speaking

Not Your Average Health & Wellness Talk

With each presentation my guiding principles are compassion, integrity, understanding, confidence and hope. Whole health includes the body, but we’ll also dive into the importance of the emotional, spiritual, energetic and physical environment as well.

Preparation begins long before each event. I have some unorthodox preparation methods that I have learned over the years, but they have resulted in some incredible results.

It’s not uncommon to hear of real time healing occurring during a retreat, event, online masterclass or podcast appearance. I very intentionally and consciously gather the energy for each event, and build a crystalline container to house it for all who attend.

Is it weird? Definitely.
Does it work? The positive reports have been notable.

After 14 yrs in practice as a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, host of private healing retreats & larger-audience healing events I have witnessed the power of coming together in community to reconnect with one another, and I believe that building thriving relationships can lead to further health and wellness.

This can happen and has happened in person, but also in connection with all who participate, whether they are in close proximity or not.

Possible Speaking Points

My Areas of Expertise

Root Causes of Illness

Mystery Illnesses

How to Live with Vitality

Intuition for our Lives

Unlocking Your Gifts

Transforming Your DNA

How Toxins Affect Us On All Levels

Emotional Connections with Our Physiology


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Dr. Kevin Preston

“There’s so much to be discovered in health and medicine right now, and one of the biggest advantages we have is that there are vast amounts of information stored and hidden within our very own DNA. We only need to remember that we have an infinite built-in capacity to heal, and we can help you do just that.”

Dr. Kevin Preston, TCM

Speaking Engagements

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