Regaining optimal health begins with one spark of hope

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Through a combination of available modalities, including Progressive Chinese Medicine, comprehensive toxicity testing, acupuncture, massage therapy, Bodytalk, and more, our experienced and gifted practitioners know how to listen. We uncover the root of what is making you sick, and start you on a healing path to becoming a whole new person enjoying optimal health.

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You are more than your sorest spot.

We see many people with injuries, mysterious illnesses and chronic diagnoses come through our doors. They’ve been seeking relief and have yet to find it.

The truth is, pain – all pain – is the body’s way of pointing us toward better health. It’s not asking us to quiet it or make it stop. It’s giving us a starting point – our first step on a journey inward toward true health.

The body is unbelievably complex, wise, and beautiful. There are many layers to uncover and we look at them all. We work with you to discover disruptions in your system – toxins of all kinds, mental and emotional programming that doesn’t serve you anymore. We help you clear, integrate, and bring your whole system, all the parts of you back into harmony.
With a clean slate, you’ll feel more health and vitality on a cellular and energetic level. This contributes to an environment – in and around your body – that promotes long-term energy, joy, peace and optimal health – something we’ve achieved many times over with the incredible people we work with.
Ways we serve

Progressive Chinese Medicine

Dr. Kevin Preston has developed a progressive take on Traditional Chinese science. TCM has been practiced and researched for thousands of years, and today our clinic uses it as the foundational bedrock supporting further discoveries, insights, and breakthroughs.
The proper alchemy of the right tools can lead to limitless possibilities with your life.

1:1 With Dr. Preston

New Patient
We begin with a thorough consult and deep dive testing. Come prepared to answer many questions and gain a lot of hope.
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1:1 With Dr. Preston

Progressive Chinese Medicine
In this nuanced approach to TCM, Dr. Kevin synthesizes many modalities into a unique and progressive healing system, to create healing and vitality.
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Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture
A serial student, the multi-disciplined Grant is a Practitioner of Chinese Medicine, open to treating a variety of conditions and folks from all walks of life.
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Ways we serve

More Powerful Healing Modalities

Lending their talents of intuition and deep understanding of the human body on all levels, these beautiful humans (and machine!) have much to offer to your healing journey. Click through to learn more or to book your appointment.


BodyTalk & Massage Therapy
With her ability to tune into the innate wisdom of your body, coupled with her clinical skills, Pam can provide a quality of healing that will go beyond your expectations.
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Catalyst &
Health Curator
Through a wealth of interpersonal experiences combined with a thorough knowledge of metaphysics, Sarah uses a well-established process of alchemical transformation to empower YOU.
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Staff Supported

BioCharger Treatments
The BioCharger NG will revitalize your body to perform at peak levels and have you bouncing out of bed. Click to learn more about this incredible machine.
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Healing Events & Retreats

Group retreats offer many benefits and quickly create shifts and transformations that leave participants feeling more rooted and deeply held. We build on this simple, powerful truth, with the creation of a vortex of healing energy. Working in synergy with beautiful, nature-infused venues, transformative tools, and trusting that the right people will show up. Then, we allow the elements and the field to foster real and lasting transformation.

Intimate Group Retreats

Multi-Day Healing Retreats
Whether we're sitting in circle or surfing in Tofino, these incredible multi-day retreats offer the opportunity for complete immersion and healing at levels previously relegated to hope. We actively connect in a carefully curated container, to accept the healing available within.
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Large Group Events

1-Day Group Healing Events
Through our recent Yangstice and Equinox Emergence retreats, we tapped into the incredible frequency of the open-hearted speakers, participants, practices and land to raise vibrations, elevate healing and enjoy a spectacular experience.
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What Our Clients Have To Say



Dr. Kevin Preston (Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor) and Courtney Wren-Mabbutt (MSW, RSW) are excited to share their 3 part heart meditation process that’s been inspired through their co-creation of the Collective Hearts retreat series. Each meditation phase can be used on it’s own, or together, depending on your needs.
Meditations are between 21-25min.
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