This 2-day live & in-person event is designed to help you become the clear and empowered version of yourself; to write your greatest story.

It’s about upgrading your own health and vitality.

Learning how to live with an open-heart and embodying the full potency of who you are. We are living in a unique time with an opportunity to shift ourselves in beautiful ways. Together we can move from a place of freedom, harmony, cooperation over competition, and re-ignite our connection with our own inner nature and with each other.

Are you ready to help pioneer a new way?

Come and experience yourself in a new light, clear your pathway, and then walk it with us.

The Intention Behind This 2-Day Experience

This event has been created with the intention of elevating our vibrational capacities individually and collectively. Specifically created for those that are interested in drawing towards themselves evolving human fractal patterns to help unlock their higher life purpose. It is your destiny to operate at a transcendent awareness if you are part of this soul family.

This event isn’t for everyone.
It will get uncomfortable.

You might discover challenges within your being that need to be faced despite the fear. It will require a valorous heart to show up here. An immense amount of courage + love.
You won’t have to do it alone though. We can assure you it will be worth it. How deep do you want to dig your well?

Supporting one another together on this journey will help us each recognize what’s truly important to us.

Then we can take steps to orient ourselves to follow the heart’s guidance more purely and simply.

We’ll be sharing powerful tools, knowledge, resources, and processes that will allow you to open your eyes to what’s not only possible but completely actionable. There will be experts in their respective fields of study teaching and sharing their wisdom; from regenerative medicine, thriving relationships, emotional and ancestral healing, and soul level blueprinting activating your very own DNA.

Come sharpen your instincts and your intuition. We’ll be showing you the steps on how to reconnect with your own true nature, and the natural environment all around you. We’ll be resolving hidden interference patterns that can clear the pathway to your fulfillment. Imagine how that would feel? Imagine what we can experience from that place?

This is your opportunity to become The New Human, together.

"Kevin will lovingly encourage you to be open to finding the deep root of your well being, rather than skimming the surface. [His] approach to healthcare has allowed me to heal from within, find peace and move forward with new insight into my well-being. Kevin will help uncover what you thought was impossible."
Kristine Williams
Embodied Health Master Attendee

The Energy Will Be Palpable

Get ready for an expansive experience that will not be forgotten.

The Speakers

We’re calling together a panel of experts in their respective fields to join us and share their wisdom; from regenerative medicine, thriving relationships, emotional and ancestral healing, and soul level blueprinting activating your very own DNA.

Mark Groves

Human Connection Specialist, founder of Create the Love and Mine'd and host of the Mark Groves Podcast

Returning to Nature, and Uplevelling Your Relationships

Speaking Saturday & Sunday

He's a speaker, writer, motivator, creator and collaborator. Mark's work bridges the academic and the human, inviting people to explore the good, the bad, the downright ugly, and the beautiful sides of connection. His purpose? To empower individuals to step into their power, transform the way they relate to themselves and others, and create authentic change for a life + love they’ll look back on with a resounding “f*ck yes!

Dr. Kevin Preston

Progressive Chinese Medicine Doctor,
Owner of Dr. Preston Progressive Chinese Medicine Clinic and Retreat Leader

Regenerative Medicine and Raising Your Life Frequency

Speaking Saturday & Sunday

Dr. Preston has been in practice for over a decade and owns a wellness clinic in Vernon, BC. His key focus has been on treating chronic conditions, unknown illnesses, mystery syndromes, and optimized performance. He is very passionate about helping people thrive beyond what they thought was possible. He continues to synthesize many modalities into a unique and progressive healing system, which includes acupuncture, herbal medicine, toxicity profiling, epigenetic re-patterning, teaching, and energy work.

More Speakers

We are in talks with some exciting speakers who will be announced soon! This list is growing rapidly: Stay tuned!

Itinerary + What To Expect

We are curating an exceptional experience designed to usher in a new humanity! The details are still coming together so stay tuned here for updates. 

Saturday, June 10th

Day 1

Think incredible speakers (Mark Groves, and Dr. Kevin Preston), who will take you into some intriguing and inspiring processes bringing more illumination into your lives. We’re going to pack the day full of upgrades, as well as some beautiful and flowing ceremonial space for really connecting deeply with yourself and this community. All heart, all day long.

Sunday, June 11th

Day 2

We’ll be focusing on embodying all of the shifts from Day 1 and adding to the depth that will already have been created together.

This is where we fully step into our highest selves empowering each other as a soul family.

"It's a couple months later and I'm still processing and reflecting on my experience and for that I am grateful. I can honestly say that I am changed from this event and very much look forward to the change and growth that will occur from the next one."
Stephanie Curtis
Yangstice Attendee

The Investment

General Admission

Early Birds Save $50 until APRIL 25TH!
(Regular Price $499)
$ 449
  • Admission to the full event
  • Lunch provided both Saturday & Sunday
  • Exclusive discounts on products & offerings


Early Birds Save $50 until APRIL 25TH!
(Regular Price $599)
$ 549
  • Admission to the full event
  • Lunch provided both Saturday & Sunday
  • Exclusive discounts on products & offerings
  • Front row seats
  • Bonus gifts
  • $100 from each VIP tickets will be donated to local First Nations communities
The Venue

Splatsin Community Centre

We believe the North Okanagan Region, from its people, to the energy of the land, mountains, lakes, and rivers is the ideal setting to host this 2-day retreat, and we are VERY excited to be offering this unique event in a place we get to call home.

We’re honored to be hosting this event at the Splatsin Community Centre in Enderby, BC. This sacred building immediately fills you with a sense of expansion, majesty, & medicine ~ with a powerful connection to nature and the Secwépemc Nation/First Nation community.

We felt an immediate yes as we walked into the building for the first time. It felt like home. It was vast and open, yet felt safe, inviting, and intimate at the same time. We love the vision and feel of this space and the ability to move energy here is potent. The style of this building feels like it was designed for us and what this event will bring for health, growth, and transformation. A beautiful combination of tradition and our new pathways ahead.

Meet Your Host & MC

Dr. Kevin Preston

Dr. Preston is trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine, with a background in science and kinesiology. He went on to study biological medicine, epigenetics, and environmental toxicity. The accumulation of these teachings has led to a deeper understanding of the human psyche, energetics, and the ability of the body to heal itself under the right conditions.

He’s spent thousands of hours working with people that are experiencing chronic conditions, unknown illnesses, mystery syndromes, and being a guide for those who have lost hope. Transforming breakdowns into breakthroughs, and opening up next levels of possibility for those seeking optimization, Kevin loves helping co-create greater life impact & longevity. 

More importantly within this work there has been a focus on living our lives to the fullest with an open-heart. This is soul-medicine, and it goes beyond the physical world. He is very passionate about helping people thrive beyond what they thought was possible, and uncovering new pathways.

An initiator of change, for years he’s been creating in-person experiences through retreats and events in beautiful natural settings. You may find him leading one-on-one deep intensives in remote settings, to co-leading smaller groups with the Collective Hearts retreat series, or riding waves in Tofino with the Cosmic Surfing experiences.

The retreats and courses he creates often have a beautiful focus on meditation, breath-work, ancient wisdom, and unblocking the energetics of the body bringing about deep healing and release.
Dr. Preston’s intention of total immersion into health often creates dynamic shifts forward for those on the path of realizing their full potential.

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The A's To Your Q's

We have secured 15% off BAR rate for anyone who books at The Castle at Swan Lake over the weekend of June 9/10/11. The Castle is a beautiful hotel with a fantastic restaurant and a great location for anyone travelling to the event. It’s located right off the highway between Vernon and Armstrong which then leads straight to Enderby. It’s about a 20 min drive to Splatsin Community Centre. Please reference “The New Human Event” upon booking. 
We would also suggest The Prestige, Vernon. It’s about a 25 minute drive to Splatsin Community Centre and Great restaurant on site as well. 

Bring a water bottle, a pen and journal, or something to write in. As the details come together we’ll be in touch if anything additional is needed!

We’ll be having some live Zoom calls leading up to the event to help prepare the mind and body. If you purchase a ticket you will receive emails when these are presented.

You may cancel up to 30 days prior to the event, after that there are no refunds. You may transfer your ticket to someone through contacting us if you cannot make it.

Use code GROUP15 at checkout to save 15% when you buy 5+ tickets. For questions or help please reach out to

When you purchase multiple tickets:

All tickets purchased will be sent to the purchaser only. Please download and forward the tickets to each member of your party. Please advise each ticket holder to bring a copy of their ticket to the event.

We do our best to capture each email entered at checkout, but in the event of a typo or forgotten email, we may not be able to reach the people you’ve purchased tickets for. Please ensure that you forward any pre-event email correspondence to them.

Excellent, fellow truth seeker! You can contact us at or by clicking here.

This 2-day live & in-person event is designed to help you become the clear and empowered version of yourself; to write your greatest story.

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