I attended the September online Collective Hearts 2.5 retreat. It was a one day retreat done from the luxury of my own home which I appreciated. Not only because of COVID times, but because I felt emotionally safer and more supported being in my own space. I had all my creature comforts at my fingertips and had the option of turning off my video/microphone if I wanted to work through something privately. Vulnerability can be the reason we don’t share or allow ourselves the gift of looking at something in a bright light, giving way to healing, and doing this retreat online was the perfect ‘compromise’ to my ego. I was engaged in something positive for myself and yet felt more in control being at home. 🙂 The format flowed well and Courtney and Kevin are perfect co-hosts, balancing feminine/masculine, spiritual/physical, yin/yang, really complimenting each other on every level. I experienced a few revelations and truly appreciated the other participants involvement and sharing. I allowed myself time to truly sit, focus, share, observe and gain more understanding regarding myself as well as how we are all connected and all struggling in some way, yet we are always supported through the collective. We all need to remember this and attending this online retreat not only gave me a sense of achievement, it gave me hope and inspiration for myself and the world. Collective Hearts 2.5 was an excellent way to excercise the commitment to my personal healing journey. It provided a stepping stone to going deeper in other practices and even hopefully, attending a retreat in person.
Collective Hearts at the Sentinel Retreat Centre was a beautifully heart opening experience. The breath work is deep and powerful and the constellation therapy was so illuminating to stored trauma and my orientation to it. The experience allowed me to discover and connect to a new side of my being that is under the surface. As I connected with her through the retreat session, I felt empowered, infinite, strong and loving towards myself. The space was held for us in such a pure and natural way by Kevin and Courtney. They were supportive in just the right moments during the event healing sessions, this support allowed me to go deeper into the practice. I felt welcome, part of a community. I felt taken care of but also given my own space to be me and be alone if I needed to. It was a very nurturing space which allowed me to be vulnerable and open. Through the work we did, I felt the support of the group to become a warrior and connect with my heart. I continue to integrate the tools and awarenesses gained from the retreat and my life feels more abundant and more inspired as a result of the experience. I highly recommend this event.
Sarah Hobbs
Registered Massage Therapist
It is hard to put into words what your treatment has meant to me. I think that when I came to see you, I was looking for treatment for an injury that I could not get after several different attempts with all sorts of other practitioners. What I got was an eye opening, extensive exercise in what healing means, and what being healthy actually is. It started with acupuncture, which I had not really experienced more than a few times. I always left your office in complete euphoria because my body responded very well and felt amazing after your treatment. The deep rest and relaxation that you get from an acupuncture appointment is unlike any other. Having a problem area of the body heal and transform can be a strange and interesting feeling, but you always pinpointed the right zones with those needles. Acupuncture is where my trust in you developed and it led to getting the Electrodermal screening test, and finding out that my body could use a little bit of help through herbal and natural remedies. I was always intrigued that by doing this screening, you guys could make very educated guesses about what was happening in my body. Describing issues that I had, that I had not previously shared. That began my road to recovery but what I got from you next was the most surprising thing. You have such a keen ability to read people, and to extract and share information with the most elegant grace. I/we discovered some issues that I had lingering in my brain. I have always been a pretty open person, and when I hurt my achilles tendon, I was open to ANY treatment so that I could hopefully get back to my rec sports life. In our conversations that we had, you picked up some issues that kept coming up and we talked about them at length. When you suggested talking to someone unbiased about these issues, I took that seriously and began to seek out help from a counsellor. Things don’t happen overnight, and I didn’t have a real traumatic life, but that advice really changed my life. I learned a few things that I had never heard before, which gave me the tools to handle the issues that I was dealing with. I still have those same issues but I sure can handle them better than I ever could before. After treatment on both my body, and mind, I began to unwind and the physical issues began to heal along with the mental issues. It is hard to really describe the imprint that you have left on my life, in a pretty short time. You could be one of the most influential people in my life when all is said and done, and I cannot understate that. I would recommend, at the highest level of recommendation that anyone in the entire world would benefit from treatment in your clinic. I am feeling really good these days, Kevin, and while I miss your treatments and our chats, it was probably good for me to get out there and not have you as a safety net. Don’t get me wrong, I will be trying to book an appointment anytime I may have an inkling of being close to Vernon, but I am good now. In this world that we live in, we don’t easily hand out our trust, and to be trustworthy is a true art. I encouraged a lot of people to seek treatment from you. It seemed like you were able to win over the skeptics, and I think that is because you are worthy of putting trust in, and you truly can help. I went from a man battling a really sore achilles, and a really bad headspace, to a man who is fully aware of his body and other than regular aches and pains, fully healthy. Being humble is one of your best traits, but I really hope you know how much you have done and what you mean to me.

Thanks buddy,
Chris Guiel
I first went to see Kevin 5 years ago because I was plagued with endless, life impeding ailments. I was nauseated. I couldn’t eat anything. I was hot, even in the cold of winter I was unable to cool down. My blood sugar was high. I was anxious. But, I had nothing in my life to warrant the way I was feeling. I had graduated from university, was working a great job, and was waiting to start back at school soon. I ate extremely well, and I exercised regularly. Doctors told me they had run all the tests they could. They said I’d likely need anxiety medication and probably develop diabetes later if I wasn’t careful. When I heard about Kevin, and the alternative way he looked at health, I was intrigued.

The first meeting was like nothing I’d ever experienced. During the consultation he listened, took notes, asked questions, and offered suggestions. Never in my 24 years had I ever had a medical professional truly listen to me, validate my concerns, and create a plan that didn’t involve taking a pill. I was sold.

Kevin’s approach and perspective on health and healing is very unique. He also involves many tools, a main component being Electrodermal screening. Sounds complicated, but the testing process was simple. The look I got from the technician administering the test, was not. Just by looking at a piece of paper, he got it. He knew. He knew how I was suffering and he explained how I was feeling without my telling him. He couldn’t even finish the test because my system was so inflamed. With the help of these results, Kevin was able to create specific natural remedies to help rid my system of potential toxins and restore proper balance.

Within a few days I noticed a difference. I never realized how bad I felt until I started to feel better. My head cleared. My anxiety returned to a normal level. The nausea went away. My stomach problems were gone. It was a long process to clear my body, but in the end, I felt like a new person. Yes, I’ve had to go back over the years for a tune up, but my body has never gone back to where it was. I can tell when something isn’t right and more often than not, my body can pull itself back into balance. When it can’t, I receive a quick treatment and I’m back to myself in no time.

When I recommend Kevin, I do so with the utmost confidence. I tell my story and relay anecdotes of others who have had their lives changed. That’s what it is: a life changing experience. As someone who was told at 24 that diabetes and anxiety medication were in my near future, and that there was nothing else wrong with me despite my symptoms, I can safely say that they were wrong. Now, at 30, I have been advocating for myself once again in western medicine in relation to pregnancy; not a single medical professional can determine what caused my many complications. Kevin knows. Because of his treatment, I am no longer afraid to have a second child.

Kevin’s obvious passion for what he does is clearly demonstrated at every session. Kevin genuinely cares about the well-being of his patients and does everything he can to find answers. He is intelligent, personable, and relatable. He takes the time to know who he is working with and makes his patients feel valued. Being heard and valued I’ve discovered are key components to a successful healing journey.
Rikki Laskiwski B.A., B.Ed.
I came to Dr. Preston while dealing with the remnants of a dislocated rib, which resulted in referred chest pains for over a year. After trying chiropractics, physio, massage therapy, and just giving up and hoping time would just iron it out, a physician-friend recommended giving him a try. In two visits, Dr. Preston eliminated the chest pains and remnants of the dislocation, just in time for a crucial job. It has now been around 7 years of countless recoveries, maintenance and even processing of life events.

I am continually blown away by Dr. Preston’s abilities to work with such a diversity of issues in his treatments - recovery from injuries, realignment of overall body, reproductive issues, and even grounding and stabilizing amidst intense stress, grief & loss. Not only have his treatments been highly effective for me as a performance artist, but for numerous loved ones that I have referred over the years including instantly re-activating muscles after a traumatic femur fracture in a 9 year old, relieving a chronic headache in an elderly man etc..

Dr. Preston is a gifted and humble healer. He is not only skilled in TCM therapies, but weaves his practice together with his own healing temperament, a peaceful space to cultivate healing, and an ability to listen wisely to the client on a number of levels.

With deep gratitude for the care he has given myself and my loved ones, I would wholeheartedly recommend his services to those in need.
Angela Uyeda Mitchell
Stunt Performer
I was introduced to Dr. Preston when my 13-year-old son’s health was declining, and mainstream medicine was unable to find answers. Kevin was able to decipher and quickly administer a plan of action to put him on the road to recovery. Within a couple of months his physical health improved greatly. What used to be a daily routine of sick days changed to days of physical wellness along with mental & emotional stability.

This lead me into my own sessions with Dr. Preston. Each time I see Kevin the session is filled with precision & specificity to what I am needing to heal. He is acutely aware of the many levels to the complex whole human and takes time to support each system with care. Look no further if you are searching for a practitioner with compassion, dedication, insightfulness and a genuine ear to listen to your story. He is truly a one of a kind practitioner who provides outstanding care for you to embrace your full potential. Kevin is one of a group of professionals I consider as my go to people to help keep me on track to living a healthy, centered and vibrant life. What he has to offer you & the world is truly exceptional!
Dawna Longley, RMT
Registered Massage Therapist
I will be forever grateful for the work I’ve been able to do with Dr. Kevin. After years of trying, and getting no answers to our infertility, working with him finally helped us have a beautiful baby girl. He ‘cured’ my brutal morning sickness and afterwards, when I was struggling with PPD, he helped me find holistic remedies that carried me through so I could enjoy my new family to the fullest. Hurdle big or small, he has handled everything I’ve brought to him with compassion, kindness and grace. The joy he finds in his work, and his way of empowering you with your health, has made him the best health care provider I could ever hope to find.
Jenn Garcia, RMT
Registered Massage Therapist

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