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We call these Online Healing Events for a reason! Many have experienced healing on different levels after joining Dr. Kevin online, and we want the same for you. Whether you simply couldn’t make it to a live event, or you’re hearing about these for the first time, we want to give you an opportunity to dive in and try it for yourself.

Finding Your Word of The Year

RECORDED On 12/20/2022

As we move into the season of Winter and toward a new year, this is the perfect time to pause and recalibrate your energy for what’s to come.

You’re invited to join me for this guided experience where I’ll walk you through the process of finding your word for 2023, as well as an activation that will allow you to get grounded for the year ahead.


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Finding Your Word Of The Year

Get ready to reconnect with yourself and create a new relationship with your body & health. Many blessings!