YANGSTICE June 18th 2022. 


A soul inspiring day of transformational healing, harnessing the power of Summer Solstice! 

Coming together to thrive once again in community through connection and building the potential of humanity.

Would you like to shift to something even greater? Are you ready for an upgrade? Maybe your health needs a reset or a boost? 

It’s time to unlock the full expression of who you are. The world needs your gifts and your authentic self. It’s your time! 


The capacity we have to create change is vastly enhanced when we come together in proximity in powerful locations. We’re ready, are you?


  • Guided meditations 
  • Breathwork practices  
  • Activations
  • Tools and resources for transformation
  • Unblock your old patterns
  • Heart opening processes 
  • Creating brain balance
  • Learning about yin and yang energy 
  • Clearing hooks and cords 
  • Sound & Frequency healing 
  • Group flow state 


Disclaimer/Release Form

By purchasing this ticket I assert that;

I am well enough physically, mentally, and emotionally to participate in a retreat (Which may include meditations, breathing exercises (breathwork), body movement, stretching, group work, sound healing, music, and lots of beautiful nature. Please share any concerns, questions, or special requirements you may need.*

I participate in this event at my own risk.

I authorize the use of creative content from this event that may include photos, audio, videos, and that this content will be under the rights of Dr. Kevin Preston Inc. to use at their discretion.

Tickets are non-refundable. However, they may be transferred.


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