Seasonal Support Protocol (Spring 2024)

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Seasonal Support Protocol (Spring 2024)

Our ten-ampule Seasonal Support protocol contains seasonally specific data along with our most up-to-date sampling of emerging intrinsic data, making it the most current data set we offer. We offer four different Seasonal Support protocols per year. Only one protocol of this type is offered at any given time.


Additional Information

Additional information

What It Clears

Typically clears seasonal flu, viral, bacterial infections, and related toxins. (Older and new infections, can detox deeply layered residual & latent infections).

When To Use It

Anytime you get a cold/flu or infections of nearly any kind, sore throat, cough, fevers, etc. Can use it seasonally, and intermittently for the whole family as infections roll through. If you’ve already been through this whole protocol, if you pick up something acutely – you can immediately go right to SP10 ampule for a few days. If not cleared then begin at SP01 again.

Precautions / Prerequisites

Sometimes it’s ideal to move through an opening protocol that addresses Lymphatics, Liver, and Kidneys. The main detoxification pathways to help open and clear debris ahead of detoxing further.

Please Note

This product is to be used in conjunction with a Medisend device. In the The Vitality Collective, a group health coaching container led by Dr. Kevin Preston, we include the OPENING protocol, a Medisend device and two additional protocol packs, along with instructions around how to use them.

To get the most out of these products and opening up your full health and vitality please consider joining The Vitality Collective.

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