Governing Vessel Protocol

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Governing Vessel Protocol

Our ten-ampule Governing Vessel protocol provides our most intensive clearing and balancing data set for the governing vessel. Meridian protocols are used to update the system that is prone to ongoing imbalance within a particular channel or when a meridian is reluctant to regain or hold balance.


Additional Information

Additional information

What It Clears

• This protocol is very deep and contains data sets for balancing lyme-type patterns.
• Very multi-layered for chronic type difficult patterns of wide range.
• (Co-infections, etc).

When To Use It

• Lyme disease, and other chronic diagnosed or undiagnosed degenerative type conditions.
• Typically associated with many layers of old/latent infections.

Precautions / Prerequisites

• Definitely OPENING protocol prior. This is a deep and wide ranging protocol. SPRING protocol and LARGE INTESTINE often recommended prior as well.

Please Note

This product is to be used in conjunction with a Medisend device. In the The Vitality Collective, a group health coaching container led by Dr. Kevin Preston, we include the OPENING protocol, a Medisend device and two additional protocol packs, along with instructions around how to use them.

To get the most out of these products and opening up your full health and vitality please consider joining The Vitality Collective.

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