1-Day Healing Events

These events offer something a little different that tend to be very accessible both from an investment standpoint as well as time. These are designed to bring connection, community, and healing together to a location near you.

We can pack in a lot with these shorter impactful events, still imbuing the energy of transformation along with a powerful group coherence field. Many hands make light work, as these events can enhance healing and breakthroughs for everyone.

Ideal for families, friends, corporate groups, and of course the individual looking to learn, grow, and step into their own life journey of discovery in a more bite-sized way with an easier commitment, without losing the depth.


Watch the video for a recap on our Yangstice experience hosted by Blue Grass Farm, on June 18th, 2022 – a beautiful experience of flowing with open-hearted energy and connection in community. 

The Equinox Emergence

Enjoy the recap of this epic day of healing, transformation, activations, guided journeys, and sharing of resources, tools, and ideas to help create the health and the life you want most.

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Your Heart Is A Portal To Your Deepest Healing

Listen to Dr. Kevin Preston explain what goes into creating the energy vortex that his retreats have become known for.