Intimate Group Healing Retreats

Multi-Day Healing Retreats

June 9-11th, 2023
Saturday: 9-6 | Sunday: 9-4

The New Human


This live & in-person event is the convergence of 14 years of clinical work, healing chronic illnesses, working with mystery syndromes, and health optimization wrapped into a live and interactive 3-day event that will create an experience that you will not forget.

*A limited number of tickets will be available*

Past Multi-Day Healing Retreats

Group retreats offer many benefits and quickly create shifts and transformations that leave participants feeling more rooted and deeply held. We build on this simple, powerful truth, with the creation of a vortex of healing energy. Working in synergy with beautiful, nature-infused venues, transformative tools, and trusting that the right people will show up. Then, we allow the elements and the field to foster real and lasting transformation.

Collective Hearts

Led by Dr. Kevin Preston and Courtney Wren, Collective Hearts offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the transformative healing concealed within your own heart and the power of our collective hearts. This powerful event is often held at the beautiful Sentinel in Kalso, BC, and the incredible scenery and accommodations lend themselves to the magic of each gathering. Bring clothing and an open heart! We’ll provide the rest.

Cosmic Surfing

Join Dr. Kevin Preston and a small group of seasoned in Tofino for an advanced, in-depth, invite only healing retreat. Surfing, treatments, transformations, & fun.

The healing benefits of the ocean are generous and immeasurable – when we pair this with fun and a lightness, the heart opens in a new way, ready to reap the benefits of the healing practices we undergo together.

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Your Heart Is A Portal To Your Deepest Healing

Listen to Dr. Kevin Preston explain what goes into creating the energy vortex that his retreats have become known for.