Sarah Hobbs, RMT


Sarah Hobbs, RMT

Sarah graduated from Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy and has been a registrant of the College of Massage Therapists of British Columbia since 2002.

In her 19 years as a registered massage therapist she has trained extensively in advanced therapeutic modalities including;

  • 2004 – Visceral Manipulations; Tough hollow and Muscular Organs
  • 2006 – Osteopathic Technique
  • 2007 – OFA level 3 First Aid certification
  • 2009 – Certified at Kripalu style 300 hour Yoga Instructor and Life Coach
  • 2010 – 2013 Integrated Facial Therapy – 7 Levels of Myofacial Craniosacral training, including advanced visceral release, facial release of the cranial vault, TMJ and the Cervical Spine
  • 2013 – Prenatal and Postnatal Massage Therapy & Infant Massage
  • 2016 – Kinesis Myofascial Integration training
  • 2018 – 75 Hour Katonah Yoga training in Pantelleria, Italy
  • 2019 – Advanced Meditation and Mindfulness teacher training

In 2008 Sarah founded Canada’s first membership based massage franchise right here in Vernon and ran it until she sold it to a local owner in 2018. In 2009 Sarah expanded her business to Crave Yoga and Wellness Retreats where for the last 13 years she has hosted, facilitated and co-facilitated with instructors of self actualization, meditation, somatic experiencing, tantra yoga, wine and nature retreats.

Since the diagnosis of her son as Autism Spectrum Disorder Sarah has also focused her years of body training, movement, and breathwork on the inherent evolution of the nervous system and studied further with David Loyst SLP, on Referencing and Regulation techniques for children on the spectrum.

Sarah’s love and curiosity about life, health, and energy has also led her to study a program known as the Gene Keys, including becoming a Gene Keys Guide Facilitator. Additionally, she’s currently training in professional levels of a life and healing modality known as the Crystalline Consciousness Technique en route to become a certified facilitator.

For years Sarah has been able to create environments that are conducive to healing and breakthroughs for her clients, and has often brought a bigger lens to humanity as well. This has naturally led to the creation of her newest venture; Karma Well Health Technologies. It is through this vision that Sarah’s intention is to create an online platform that will offer all practitioners the ability to curate and collaborate on membership based health & wellness programs. (Including massage therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic, retreats, healing programs and more). They’ll also be able to source funding through this platform to support their commitment to healing, thriving, and as a lifestyle through corporate and community contributions. In her efforts to bring this model to Canadians she has been working with grant funding from the National Research Council of Canada and is the CEO of an all female software development team.

Most recently Sarah was invited to develop and teach an innovative curriculum of “anatomy for yoga instructors” to an online platform based in Portugal called the Sacred Fig.

After a hiatus from Vernon, Sarah has now returned to collaborate with Dr. Preston and staff at the Progressive Chinese Medicine clinic, and is excited to co-create at the many upcoming events, retreats, and seminars, both locally and abroad.