The Collective Heart Retreat

Are you ready to heal your heart?

Have you been dealing with illness that won’t go away despite treatment? Are you working through stubborn physical pain that doesn’t respond to standard care? Maybe you’re actually experiencing heart based symptoms…tightness, heaviness, soreness, palpitations, can’t breathe deeply, lack of energy, anxiety, fear, nervousness, feeling stuck, stressed, overwhelmed, even panic?

Your heart is your life force

You need your heart more than any other organ. It’s been shown to have more sensory receptors than the brain, and produces a heart-wave spectrum around us 360 degrees. Your heart is so much more than a mechanical pump moving blood through the body. It houses the spirit, and there is a greater collective heart wisdom that can be experienced when you’re ready to awaken and tune into your own inner guidance system. Learn how to listen to this.

Past hurts may have caused your heart to ‘close’

Living with a closed heart can manifest sickness, anxiety, depression, scarcity, guilt, shame, turmoil with others and more. It robs us of experiencing joy and living our lives fully expressed in alignment every day.

Our hearts are a portal through which we can access healing and then consciously co-create together a more loving world – manifesting more prosperity, abundance, connection, love, compassion and peace.

You owe it to yourself to see what you’re really capable of

What do you ideally want to experience in each area of your life? Are you curious if there’s more? If you’re asking yourself if there is more, the answer is simple – yes! At this retreat, we will teach you how to release what’s been weighing on your heart, show you what’s possible and help you connect to it.

This is an event that will awaken your heart, and teach you tools that you can use everyday to transform the rest of your life. We believe in integration and empowering others to transcend what’s been holding them back. Our teachings can be implemented quickly. Give yourself permission to easily step into the freedom of living a life in heart coherence.

Trusted teachers to guide you

Courtney and Kevin are each bringing their own unique set of skills, backgrounds and experience in order to connect to the depth of each participant, as well as facilitate healing of the group. Enjoy the variety of tools and exercises that will speak directly to your own heart.

This is an event that will awaken your heart, and teach you tools that you can use everyday to transform the rest of your life. We believe in integration and empowering others to transcend what’s been holding them back. Our teachings can be implemented quickly. Give yourself permission to easily step into the freedom of living a life in heart coherence.

Dr. Kevin Preston
Dr. Traditional Chinese Medicine

Dr. Kevin Preston lives for creating health & vitality in others. He owns and operates a clinic in Vernon, BC, and has been in practice for over a decade. In addition, he facilitates intimate healing retreats that have a focus on removing obstacles in the cellular biology and unlocking the hidden potential within our DNA. He continues to synthesize many modalities into a unique and progressive healing system, which includes acupuncture, herbal medicine, toxicity profiling, and epigenetic re-patterning.

Courtney Wren-Mabbutt MSW, RSW

Courtney supports people's minds, bodies and spirits to come into coherent flow. Through intuitive mysticism, shamanism, EMDR, pre and perinatal work, attachment, embodied spirituality, constellations work, and somatic experiencing (healing the nervous system) she supports the healing of the collective fields of energy that impact us all. As we heal these collective fields, our DNA can come into its fullest expression. She has a Masters in Clinical Social Work and provides support to individuals, couples, children and families online and on beautiful land in the Slocan Valley, BC. Courtney is passionate about supporting the new earth and new ways of being on the earth and in ourselves.

It’s time to wake up to the truth that’s in your heart

We’re creating a safe space for you to put down the weight you’ve been carrying that has been constricting your heart. It’s time to let go. What if you harnessed the power of vulnerability to create your own gateway to freedom? What would it feel like to release years of heaviness from your nervous system to live each day in a joyful place?

You should attend this event if you are:

• Feeling disconnected from yourself and/or your loved ones
• Experiencing a lack of clarity or purpose
• Drained with no energy, drag yourself through each day
• Afraid to take the next step to grow and expand
• Experiencing worry, anxiety, and overwhelm and want to learn new tools to help you overcome these patterns
• Having scarcity thoughts and feel like there’s never enough
• Ready to release the weight of the past from your nervous system to facilitate healing
Your heart has the answers. This event is designed to help you access them.

Connecting to your heart creates a vibration that can energize your cells, raise your consciousness and positively affect those around you.

At this retreat, you'll experience a range of tools to help connect with your heart:

• Guided Meditation
• Guided Breathwork
• Acupuncture (optional)
• Embodiment exercises
• Sound healing experience
• Heart based Systemic constellation work (family constellations)
• Sacred reciprocity exercises
• Group interaction along with time for solitude
The Sentinel •

Relax & Rejuvenate

Nature has its own healing capabilities. Immerse yourself in the beautiful peaceful surroundings and let your body reset to get back to its natural rhythm at the Sentinel.

Please note: To give you the freedom of room choices, you'll need to book your accommodations separately after you've registered for the retreat.
Exclusive venue access

Enjoy the use of the entire centre for this event including the amenities during your stay to help you integrate, relax, and unwind;

• Outdoor Hot tub
• Cedar Barrel Sauna
• Lakeside fire pit
• Lake view decks and patios
• Many quiet areas inside and out to relax

Delicious nourishment:

Energize your cells with healthy, fresh, local, nutritious food made with love with private chefs.
It's time to free yourself

Step into the full potential of how you truly want to live. This is an important opportunity to change your life if you have the courage to follow your heart.

It’s time to connect to the universal wisdom that’s available to all of us – the truth of what we know deep down. You no longer have to lie to yourself and avoid what you feel. Vulnerability can set your heart free.

It’s time to process and integrate the heart level, the soul connection to yourself. We can help you shift the uncomfortable feelings from those past hurts, traumas, and pain and transform them into feelings of peace, stillness, joy, happiness, and gratitude. Let us lead you in building a solid foundation within yourself to create purity in the heart, resilience, and strength.
We’re here to help you light up your own brilliance; to find that greater version of yourself.

Come join us! Tap into your own wellspring of healing powers. We each have the gift to be our own guides. We are our own medicine. Give your soul permission to discover your true self through the heart.

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Couples $2080 (reg $2200)


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